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residency programs



October, November, December


Nov 1-2 RAW presents Caitlin Hafer



Nov 22-23  Tessa Fleming


Nov 22-23  Crystal (Stiven Luka)

Oct 4-28 Footloose Productions and Back Alley Theater return to The Garage, featuring new contemporary theatre written by Jeff Bedillion and produced by Mary Alice Fry (see below)

Nov 1-2 RAW presents Louis Acquisto / Caitlin Hafer(at right)  "I wanted a perfect ending. So I started the story in the middle and stopped before I got to the beginning. This is a dance of endings."   Caitlin Hafer

Nov 6-21 (Wed-Thu) Tina D’Elia presents The Rita Hayworth of this Generation (see below)

Nov 8-9 Amy Lewis & Sonsherée Giles

Nov 22-23 Garage All-Stars, a solo performative work by the artist, drag queen Tessa Fleming/ Missy Lightweight. #whitegirlproblems is beautifully vulnerable and fucking irreverent while exploring the themes of nakedness, eating disorders, and other things only white women deal with. 

Crystal (Stiven Luka) invites the audience to a literal interpretation of "dance like there's nobody watching." She tears pages full of poems from her high school journal. She faces her demons, guided by the voice of Mary J. Blige singing "No one's gonna make me hurt again."

Makeup: Sean Knapp
Video: David Raboy    HERE

photo by David Raboy


Dec 4-5 Footloose presents Hope Mohr Dance


Dec 6-7 & 11-12 Bodigram and Number 9


Dec 20-21 Anna and the Annadroids

Dec 13-14 Lisa Townsend


Oct 4-28 Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays  8PM  •  Tickets are $20 presale HERE and $25 at the door

Back Alley Theater Company

and Footloose Presents

Forbidden Fruit

Written and Directed by Jeff Bedillion

Forbidden Fruit is a tale of two married gay men and their lives before they met. The ritualistic performance includes both comic and tragic expressions of theatre, song, and dance through discussions about Christianity and forbidden love.


Forbidden Fruit is celebrating its West Coast premiere and Back Alley's 20th year anniversary at Garage this fall!


Nov 6-21 (Tue-Wed) @ 8pm


The new staging of


The Rita Hayworth

of this Generation

Written and Performed by Tina D'Elia


Directed by Mary Guzmán


Stage Manager Meja Tyehimba


Tina D’Elia is an Actor, Solo Performer, Writer, and Performance Coach. 





Dec 13-14 @ 8pm  $10-20    Buy tickets here


photographer: Piro Patton

Lisa Townsend Co.


creates experimental contemporary dance that draws on raw physicality, intimate gesture, and a theatrical sensibility. Exploring the aesthetic and dynamics found in film noir Cherchez la femme (look for the woman) is a kinetic high contrast dream whose protagonist seduces her audience through the identities and words of women characters in film noir. A story unfolds dreamlike and abstract, creating complexity and obfuscated narrative through the mosaic of movement monologues, fractured dialogue, live music and song.


Uncovering the clarity of character through stories about desire, manipulation, choice & consequences, isolation and the past; Cherchez la femme (look for the woman): no matter what the problem a woman is at the heart of it.

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