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Jan 11-12

you and me

Jan 13-14

raw & uncut presents

Fraternal Adventures by Becca Rozelle (left), a new group work by Backwoods Dance Project, (featuring choreography by Sarah Woods) and a new solo by
Diana Broker.

Jan 18-19

Love in a Box featuring new choreography by Nicole Bridgens and Rogelio Lopez (photo), featuring contemporary choreography, dance-theatre and world dance.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

Jan 20-21

PerceptionsWest is a new, bi-coastal contemporary dance company presenting the multimedia duet, The Furthest Distance Between Two Points from directors, Molly Fletcher Lynch (SF) and Melissa Gendreau (NY) and Table Talk, a new group work by Lynch.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Jan 24-25

Evangel King  

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Jan 27-28

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)


Feb 1-2

Kinetic Makeover is a dance solo created and performed by Milka Djordjevich (photo). Kinetic Makeover generates perpetual motion for Djordjevich in order to transform, shapeshift and groove.

Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos in collaboration with Kevin O'Connor (Canada), Emily Leap and Raoul Freitas Vale Germano (Holland) present a new dance-study-in-progress exploring the themes of Departure and Arrival.

Feb 3-4

AIRspace presents

Macklin Kowal's Divine Light
Divine Light is an ensemble-based piece, tackling themes of tyranny and cruelty, social order, and the body's relationship to systems of power. Engaging with questions of pretense and pretend as they pertain to social hierarchy, the work unravels in a world that is as much built on references to the court of Versailles as it is situated in a grotty shit-hole. Kinetic movement explodes from moments of prolonged stillness, in energetic jolts that neither defy nor affirm station, rank, or charge

Liz Tenuto's The Ocean Between Us (at left)
The Ocean Between Us is a dance piece surrounding developmentally based patterns of human movement and behavior. Submerged in a manufactured and hot environment, the dance dives into desire, self consciousness and submission. The piece oscillates between distinct historical visions of the medium of dance (traditional, popular, classical and experimental) to summon where the body ends and where the environment begins.

Feb 7-8

Chrysalis returns to The Garage!

The show is a multidisciplinary exploration at the crossroads of grief and growing up. Through storytelling, movement, puppetry and chocolate cake, writer and performer Evangeline Crittenden makes her way towards optimism in the face of loss.

part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Feb 10-11

Project Thrust’s Urge, by Malinda LaVelle, explores different psychological states in heterosexual relationships and uses food as an associative metaphor to investigate the entanglement of hunger, desire, and lust.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Supported by the SF Conservatory of Dance.

Feb 14-15

Human Creature presents all new works featuring original music, costumes, and special guest performers. This dark and edgy dance theatre experience utilizes elements of counterbalance partnering, physical comedy and an eclectic range of disparate dance styles.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Feb 17-18

project.b.‘s Sol y Sombra by Tanya Bello (left), is a series of vignettes and interludes exploring the individual’s ability to effect change on societal and cultural levels. 

Alyce Finwall Dance Theater presents Angel, a tour de force performance piece for two dancers. Angel is an exploration into the unspoken and often taboo world of girls’ and women’s sexuality and desires.

Both events are part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

Feb 21-22

Gray Performs and RAW (resident artist workshop) present


BURST is a high-energy one-woman show about madness, modern life, and the timeless quest for wholeness. Working as one of the youngest San Francisco brand namers at the height of the dot com boom, Gray's fate is altered by a Bipolar diagnosis, followed by an tragic familial loss. She finds herself looking for answers in place 7000 miles away: Vietnam. Sparkling with wit and insight, BURST takes its audience on an 80-minute roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of bipolar, loss and life.

Feb 24-25   

Christine Bonansea presents No Exit (left), which articulates a complex and codependent triangular relationship. Three beings confined within a room, tormenting each other and revealing tension and manipulation of their spaces.

Minna Harri Experience Set presents Dead/Alive is about dealing with mortality. It’s going to be ugly: pain and loss. In the end everybody will die. What’s not to love?

Both events are part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Feb 28-29

Box City by Collage Theater

which dives down the rabbit hole to explore the world of homelessness.  Accompanied by the haunting trumpet of Aaron Priskorn and choreography by Sarah Fiske.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

March 2-3

Alice Superbrain - The Twin Section

A multidisciplinary performance, Written and directed by Andrea Lanza
Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures, With Silvia Girardi + Daiane Lopes da Silva, Project and director assistant Alice Bescape, Photo by Weidong Yang, Video by Mateo Verde w/ LEAF, Script contribution by Maurizio Temporin

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Website Here, Video Here 34823407

March 6-7

The Garage All-Stars featuring new queer performance and contemporary dance with Deceptively Strong Dance Project's Vindicated Violence, Anna Nowicka (Germany), Dominika Bednarska and Kai West.

Hosted by Peter Danger.

Part of AIRspace (queer performance workshop)

March 14-15

Here Now Dance Collective presents Burst Now
Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

March 9-10 & 16-17

Aura Fischbeck Dance

The Riley Project

Gretchen Garnett Dance

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

March 21-22

Jenni Bregman presents Context, a new dance piece inspired by the writing of  Oliver Sacks that explores what it might be like to navigate the stimulating physical world with impaired senses. Featuring a live electronic score by Sunshine Jones. Also, Intimate City, (first presented by RAW in 2010), is about how we interact in the small or crowded spaces of urban life, from elevators to bedrooms.

With Sadie Carhart, Marco Chavez, Sharon Gallagher, Hillary Hoffman, Gina Levesque, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, Shawna Seth, Alberto Vajrabukka, Meredith Wilensky, Jenni Bregman

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Photo by Matt Haber

March 28-29

raw & uncut presents

new contemporary dance by

Angela Mazziotta, Julia Cost, requisitedance, Frederick Gaudette, Baindu Conté-Coomber

and Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater (wed only)

Fri-Sat 30-31 March

Computer Face

A Show by Kirk Read

6-7 April @ 8pm

Friday, April 20

subvert with heather gold

"Most TV talk shows suck. TED is expensive, invite only and starring pretty much who you'd expect. But it's not you. I'm reinventing the talk show into something genuine, mixing inspiring innovators, artists and doers and you into the kind of honest conversation we're craving. I want to talk WITH with you."

Innovative comedian and solo performer Heather Gold is best known for her geek roots, her ability scale useful conversations and help people get real in public. She's made over 50,000 cookies in her hit solo show "I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie," named Best of the Bay.

photo credit: Rebecca Steele

Saturday, April 21 @ 8pm

That’s What She Said! is a variety show full of awesome women. This
show features musicians, poets, comedians and more! The evening
promises to be a genre bending, free-for-all, fun loving, good time.

This Edition of That’s What She Said! will feature; the musical
stylings of Entirely Talia, the hilarity of stand up comedian Caitlin
Gill, the rants, raves, and poetic obsessions of Tatyana Brown, the
life observations, wit and storytelling of Amy Dentata! and more!

COMING UP: more TWSS for the National Queer Arts fest on June 26
and a special summer edition on July 19.

Sunday, April 22

Molissa Fenley and Friends

An evening of contemporary dance curated by Molissa Fenley. Featuring works by Mills College alumni: Molissa Fenley, Ashley Johnson, Peiling Kao, Jose Navarrette, Jochelle Perena, and Rebecca Wilson. Part of Bay Area Dance Week.

Sunday, April 22

HomeWERK @ The Garage

The WERK Collective presents a lecture/demonstration moderated by

Christy Bolingbroke, Executive Director at the ODC Theater, focusing on the creation of new work and breaking down the ways in which each artist approaches her choreography.

The WERK Collective is a new collective of Garage resident artists that have banded together to create new models for presenting contemporary dance. The artists will be featured this summer in The Garage's SPF5 (fifth annual summer performance festival) @ The ODC Theater. The collective features the work of Christine Bonansea, Tanya Bello, Minna Harri, Malinda LaVelle, Michelle Fletcher, and Alyce Finwall.

Part of Bay Area Dance Week


Sunday, April 22 & May 6 & 13

15 Minutes Comedy Improv

15 minutes is a hard-hitting Bay Area long-form improv group that “goes

there with class.” With over 40 collective years of improvisational experience these guys break the rules, play dirty, and never do the same show twice. The current cast includes: Rob Miles, Dan Burt, Steve Seidler, Chrystna Lairamoore, and Michael Michalske. “This troupe is phenomenal –Blue Blanket Improv”

April 26, 27

Steve Seabrook: Better Than You,  Written and performed by Kurt Bodden

Master motivator Steve Seabrook takes the audience to a safe, nurturing place of empowerment where they can look inside their hearts to examine why they're vaguely disappointing.

Special guest: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan - accomplished comedian, storyteller, and proud nerd.

Wed-Thu May 2-3

Right Brain Performancelab uses live vocal experimentation and movement, sound and image, blending performance art, musical theater and cabaret. They exist in that strange, shifting area of in-between where the deep and the funny coexist together.

This piece is a love letter to the force that grounds people and all the other beings and objects that share the world. Gravity brings rain to the earth. It’s the force with which we negotiate in order to stand on two legs and is the ultimate metaphor for the slow descent to the earth at the end of life. It is both unseen and unavoidable, the invisible, imminent element that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

May 4-5

raw & uncut presents

D.R.U.N.K.S, a new excerpt from BodiGram, plus new works by The Anata Project and Alma Esperanza Cunningham. Featuring new works developed in RAW (resident artist workshop).

May 8-9

Gray Performs & The Garage present


A one-woman-show show about identity, superheroes, and the virtues of self-centeredness.

Self-ish is about Superhero X, a superhero who is born without an identity and goes to Earth in search of one. The show uses a mix of improvisation, audience participation and off-stage interviews to influence an ever-changing script with tones both savvy and innocent.

May 16-17

punkkiCo (photo) presents Kaaos 012, a new work by choreographer Raisa Punkki, musician Albert Mathias and costumer Claire Pasquier.

Also featuring new work by Samantha Giron Dance Project.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).


Pictured from top left: Brian Martin, Valerie Fachman, Geo Espilanty, Skip Emerson

bottom left: Nandini Minocha, Annalisa Bastiani.  Photo copyright 2012 by Lynne Fried


Michael Martin's Verbatim Verboten

Directed by Michael Martin
Assisted by Skip Emerson

Clove Productions, in association with SAFEhouse Productions, presents

the San Francisco premiere of VERBATIM VERBOTEN,

the invasion-of-privacy revue.

june 01-02

Garage All-Stars I

+ dominika bednarska
+ dazié rustin grego


The 15th Annual


Queer Arts



june 05-07

sunny drake



The 15th Annual


Queer Arts


june 08-09

Garage All-Stars II
+ deceptively strong dance project
+ with love kolmel (at right)



The 15th Annual


Queer Arts



june 11-12

Mixed, Blended, Whole


The 15th Annual


Queer Arts


june 13-14

ann marie houghtailing


Renegade Princess is the myth of the American fairy tale undone. Exploding with surprising, raw truth and dripping with self-deprecating humor, the autobiographical tale is woven with humanity and irreverence into a wickedly sharp narrative. Marriage, living in Japan, motherhood and the demands of post divorce life provide a rich landscape for tenderness, humor, heartbreak and depth. Renegade Princess is a quick paced, outrageous and bawdy journey of one woman’s quest to rise above the myth.

june 15-16

human creature

with special guests yea big dance

photo by

june 17-18

Girl Junk with morgan



The 15th Annual


Queer Arts



june 20


cuauhtémoc peranda


The 15th Annual


Queer Arts


june 21

crackpot crones



The 15th Annual


Queer Arts


june 26        part of the national queer arts festival

That's What She Said! is a variety show starring kick ass women. The Queer Arts festival edition of the Show features the comedy of Natasha Muse, poetry by Maisha Z. Johnson, music by Julie Indelicato and more! Hosted by the hilarious Caitlin Gill and Wonder Dave. Check out performer bios and show updates online at



june 27

Bay Area Dance Watch celebrates Dance/USA

Tanya Bello's Project. B.
Dancer: Norma Fong

Photo by: Michael Sugrue

june 28

NERDGASM is an explosion of all things Nerdy! This wild romp features nerdy queers of all stripes. If you’ve ever fantasized about Spock and Kirk getting busy or wondered exactly what Princess Diana did in her free time on paradise Island or if you're just socially awkward and get really into your hobbies you are the audience for this show. Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy and more 100% nerdy. Featuring performances by Baruch Porras Hernandez, Jennifer Dronsky, Terry Taplin, Wonder Dave, Liz Green, Nick Leonard and more! Check out performer bios and show updates online at: http:// wonderdave.



part of the national queer arts festival


june 30

Garage All-Stars III
+ mad king thomas
+ rodrigo caldera
+ sara yassky


also Mad King's

VERGE3 workshops


The 15th Annual


Queer Arts


July 11-12

VERGE3 presents

margit galanter

abby crain

meg wolfe

milka djordjevich

phoebe osborne

RAW (resident artist workshop) presents

Strippin Down to Story

Written and performed by:  Jovelyn Richards

Directed by: Stephanie Anne Johnson,  Music by Mike Wilson (sax) Dexter Rogers (keyboards)

•  Set in the early 1930’s, Diane Edwards a Negro woman is faced with the twin barriers of race and gender. Her sensual movements invoke the spirits of ‘Others’ voices throughout history, those who have been dehumanized and silenced by race, gender, and sexual identity, including the memories of her grandmother who had been a slave.

Artists from The Garage appear at ODC!

SPF5 and The WERK Collective present


Program 1 - Thurs, July 19, 8pm; Sun, July 22, 8pm
Program 2 - Fri, July 20, 8pm; Sat, July 21, 3pm
Program 3 - Sat, July 21, 8pm; Sun, July 22, 3pm

A look at the next wave of choreographers emigrating from the fringes to the forefront of Bay Area Dance culture. Featuring Alyce Finwall, Minna Harri, Tanya Bello, Christine Bonansea, Michelle Fletcher and Malinda LaVelle. Presented by the Garage's SPF5 and WERK Collective.

More info Here

aug 01-02

rebecca gilbert
biba bell (photo)
anna and the annadroids

aug 03-04

RAW presents

unum dance
with choreography by diana broker
+ blue scorpion dance theater (photo) with choreography by frederick gaudette

August 10-25


presented by Moore Theatre,

in association with SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts

Written & directed by David J. Moore

Featuring Tyler Della as Jonah Legler

Katie Ruppert as Sarah Palin

Raul Delrosa as Mr. Anigna

Donna Moore as Jessie

and Sharon Sittloh as Aunt Jean

aug 29-30

VERGE3 presents
phoebe osborne (US) at left

andrea vicente (Spain)
ursa sekirnik (Slovenia)
joana serra (Spain)


VERGE3 is the The Garage's third annual summer workshop and performance series.

Each year we invite an ecletic collection of theatre and dance makers to teach and present new work

that they have developed during the summer.

VERGE3 featured Mad King Thomas (Minneapolis),

Silvia Girardi (Italy), Phoebe Osborne (SF) + Joana Serra

+ Ursa Sekirnik (Spain), Kara Davis (SF), Abby Crain + Margit Galanter (SF)


Sept 5-6

RAW & project agora

Mother Tongue      (workshop version)

a multi-disciplinary improvisation installation.

Sept 7-8

Sept 12-13

Julia Cost presents

parachute landings

(along the way)

a new dance-theatre work. Part of RAW (resident artists workshop)

Sept 19-20

Elizabeth McSurdy (photo), Big Fat Circle, and Kat Yoas

new Queer performance featuring spoken-word and movement

Part of AIRspace, The Garage’s residency program for queer performance.

Sept 14-24     Back Alley Theater presents    Jeff Bedillion's OPEN

part of The Garage's RAW program  (resident artist workshop).

OPEN is a comic exploration of modern relationships. Set in San Francisco, Duncan and Veronica Huntsville have been married for five years and are experiencing a lull in their sexual relationship. They make the decision to “open” their marriage and explore their sexual curiosities. Hilarity ensues as their selfish endeavors lead to jealousy, distrust, and loathing. Will the couples’ actions destroy their bonds of love and matrimony?

• Starring Katharine Otis, Brian Cybok, Julia Lienke, Franc Renato, Luke Wold, Salvadore Mattos, and Jeff Bedillion.

Bryce Vinnicombe’s Deconstructing The Surrogate

featuring multi-media and movement.

Also featuring new works by Jana Meszaros.

Part of RAW (resident artists workshop).

Sept 26-27

Sept 29

That's What She Said! is proud to present our first ever Body Positive extravaganza Sassy Fat Girls! Starring Comedian Lydia Popovich, Poets; Rachel Wiley and Denise Jolly and More!

Check out that's what she said! to see more info about these awesome women and info about the show.

Oct 4-5

Yea Big Dance Collective

presents Packages.

Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

featuring new choreography by

whitney steveson

nina sawant

angela mazziotta

Oct 10-11

Kevin Simmonds presents ORIENT:

a new anthropology is the newest work by San Francisco writer and musician Kevin Simmonds. The genre-defiant multimedia piece, a mashup of installation and performance artistry, considers Asian-Black relations in the context of American history. Simmonds' anthropology unearths cultural "artifacts" that both highlight the solidarity these groups have had alongside their unease and estrangement. ORIENT is more verb than noun, it's an attempt at getting some cultural bearings despite the exoticism of history. Part of AIRspace.

Oct 5-6, 12-13

Number 9 Dance presents Confessions of a White Girl

A new evening length work with direction by Kelly Kemp, featuring choreography, text & performance by number9: Heather Arnett, Helena Birecki, Blair Bodie, Kristin Damrow, Anna Greenberg, Meegan Hertensteiner. Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

photo by Bob Epstein

October 18

Life with Laughter

We have a great new variety show with Standup, Storytelling/Spoken Word & Music.

featuring Liz Grant, headliner Chris Burns with Wonder Dave& your hosts Loren Kraut & Morgan.

Oct 19-20

Barb Lankamp

Mudita Arts for Peace

Milissa Payne (photo)

Oct 24-25

Joy Prendergast's solo tour de force

Bells and Whistles

plus guest artist Marissa Brown


Oct 26-27

Ana Richardson Ma

Cardinalidae Dance

Perceptions West (photo)



Nov 1-3

Labayen Dance/SF (photo) presents TAKE 5, a dance concert featuring the works of   Laura Bernasconi, Victor Talledos, Frederick Gaudette, Daiane Lopes da Silva and the multi-award winning dance maker Enrico Labayen tackling themes from the complexity of human relationship, environment, politics, gender and sexuality and pure dance.




Nov 7-8

Amy Lewis (photo by Lynne Fried) begins the concretization of an obsession with Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine, a play Müller calls “the description of a petrified hope, an effort to articulate a despair so it can be left behind.” (Müller, Heiner. Hamletmachine and Other Texts for the Stage. 50) Shown will be first scene of a one-day lengthy work that acknowledges the many historical, political, and literary references and figures embedded in Müller’s play. In My Obsession with Hamletmachine, Lewis attempts to convey biographical and autobiographical stories inside in an abstract, silent media—that of dance.

Also featuring Deborah Karp Dance Projects presenting Marvelous Compass with dancer Romina Rodriguez-Crosta and guest performers.

Nov 9-10

Dr. Zebrovski’s HOUR OF POWER

Join internationally renowned dance psychic Dr. Zebrovski and his dazzling divinatory dancers as they combine dance, ritual and comedy to explore commercialism and the occult! Forget about your mortal soul and what you think you know about the dark arts! By packaging this esoteric and terrible content into easy-to-digest formats, you'll experience a show that is sure to leave your third eye WIDE open!

Dr. Zebrovski's HOUR OF POWER now comes with 100% more Kevin Seaman, Baruch Porras-Hernandez and Maryam Rostami! Made in the U.S.A. by Beatrice Thomas.

Nov 14-15

new contemporary choreography by overseas outlanders (photo), Rebecca Gilbert and Alexandra Kamerling



Nov 16


Nov 17 

Earthchild is the newest all-male dance projected presented by Koichi and Hiroko Tamano. Armando Davila,Luku Netherthot,and Ronnie Baker weave their bodies into a unique blend of Butoh.This newest project approaches the force that moves everyone, the energy which drives humanity in all of its reactions...Urge.

Nov 18

Jaara presents 4@4 an evening of new african dance and music

Nov 27-28

new choreography by Joy Prendergast and The Thick Rich Ones (photo by lynne fried)

also an excerpt from Joe Landini's Bitter Queen (on Nov 27 only )

with alan philips, becky leviton, kaitlin parks, dion hobdy, elizabeth cooper and donna moore (assistant director)

and on Nov 28 only new choreography by Janey Madamba, Cuauhtemoc Peranda


nov 30-dec 1 @ 8pm - new contemporary dance featuring ana ma richardson / laura bodt (photo)

also featuring an excerpt from Joe Landini's Bitter Queen (first draft) with elizabeth cooper / dasha chernova / harold burns / alan phillips

sunday Dec 2 @ 2pm joe landini's Bitter Queen (first draft)  full-length presentation featuring the full-cast (photo by lynne fried)

with alan philips, becky leviton, kaitlin parks, dion hobdy, elizabeth cooper and donna moore (assistant director)

Tickets $10 -$20 Cash or, brownpapertickets


Tues Dec 4, Doors open at 8:00,

show is at 8:30. 

Dec 5-6

RAW presents

Kiandanda Dance Theater

(photo by Lynne Fried)

and Jaara Dance Project


Dec 13

new performance installation by

Alma Esperanza Cunningham

Dec 14-15

BodiGram presents D.R.U.N.K.S.

part of RAW (resident artist workshop)


Dec 19-20

new choreography by

Karla Quintero and Palanza Dance

and Caitlin Hafer presents a new dance film

Even A Dead Fish (Can Swim Down Stream)



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