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Archives 2013



Jan 11-12

Sara du Jour

Jordan Isadore and Nicole Bridgens present SARA Du Jour, a satiric look at America’s first contemporary dance pop star, featuring a master mix of pop culture and dance.  Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Sunday January 13

Second Sunday Reading Series: THE VOID DANCE

by Scott Carter Cooper  •  directed by Stuart Bousel

Performers Under Stress' Second Sunday Reading Series (7 pm), is designed to discover and showcase rarely produced plays and foster new works by emerging playwrights, especially from underrepresented populations including African American, Asian American, GLBT, Latino, and women. Readings will be followed by a facilitated audience talkback.

Kickoff Reading, Sunday January 13 @ 7pm.: THE VOID DANCE, by Scott Carter Cooper, directed by Stuart Bousel
Inspired by the Greek Phaedra myth and set in the fictitious gossip-driven small town of Morning Glory, Iowa, this drama will pique your appetite for cat-fights, drunken exploits and evangelical incest.

For more information, please go to, email, or go to Performers Under Stress' FB page.

Jan 16-17 & 25-27

The Witch House by Morgan Bassichis

A new play by Morgan Bassichis, directed by Anthony Julius Williams. Salem's 1692 is restless.

A group of 11-year-old boys set out to make some money and some magic. But what they find is much less glamorous: phantom bees, haunted houses, and the ghosts of American history.

•   Presented by AIRspace, The Garage's residency program for new queer performances.

Jan 18-19   •   Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Bianca Mendoza & Project Thrust

featuring new works by Bianca Mendoza. (at left)


Malinda LaVelle's Project Thrust presents Kingdom focusing on the individual kingdoms we build around ourselves, and the desires that fuel our perception of self.

Jan 23-24

Mudita Music and Dance for Peace

Mudita Arts for Peace presents an evening of community, sublime movement and live world music with touch therapy and food.

photographer Weidong Yang

Jan 30-31

Erik Wagner and Daiane Lopes present

In A Room Full Of Strangers

a new dance-theater work about the unfamiliar in and around us. Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).      photo by lynne fried

Jan 31  •  The Garage presents

Abbot Kinney    LA songwriter premier

Abbot Kinney's website is HERE


Feb 1-2   •   Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

The Anata Project with choreography by Claudia Hubiak presents excerpts from The Chronicles of Bribery, a collection of solos featuring compositions for trumpet.

Also Samantha Giron

Feb 6-7 & 15-16


Micro-Sized Version, is a new telling of the “Alice” adventure where our rabbit-hole adventuress is now 85 and escaping the Convalescent Villa to return to the land of her youth where all her old friends are also aged but filled with vim and joy!

Featuring an all-star cast of Bay Area physical comedians directed by Andrew Nance.

photo by David Wilson

Feb 8-9

EarthChild Butoh Theatre presents


also featuring Koichi and Hiroko Tamano of Harupin-Ha.

Traditional butoh is combined with contemporary performance, creating a hybrid that demonstrates a Bay Area perspective.

Feb 10   •  Performers Under Stress'

2nd Sunday Reading Series

A Concert Reading of Scamoramaland
a new play by Bay Area playwright Eve Edelson

Directed by Sylvia Kratins.

Freddy, a young internet scammer with dreams of an artistic career, is striking out in the world of email fraud.

Feb 12

Feb 6-7 & 15-16


Micro-Sized Version, is a new telling of the “Alice” adventure where our rabbit-hole adventuress is now 85 and escaping the Convalescent Villa to return to the land of her youth where all her old friends are also aged but filled with vim and joy!

Featuring an all-star cast of Bay Area physical comedians directed by Andrew Nance.

photo by David Wilson

Feb 17 and 19


Dynasty Handbag

Jibz Cameron is a performance/video artist from San Francisco who now lives and works in New York City. She is currently working on a new evening length Dynasty Handbag piece, Soggy Glasses, based on Homer's Odyssey. Her second Dynasty Handbag CD, Cosmic Surgery will be released in 2013, on the interweb.

Feb 20-21

Blue Scorpion Dance Theater presents Suite Sorrows by Frederick Gaudette, a multi disciplinary study of love, loss, grief, hope, redemption and the melancholy that accompanies life. Part of RAW

Feb 22-23

CARTE BLANCHE presents Ophelia


Directed by Charline Formenty and performed by Marie W. Plouviez, Ophelia is the first creation of the San Francisco based company Carte Blanche. Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's elegiac poem.



Feb 25


Mudita Music and Dance for Peace

an evening of community, sublime movement, movement improvisation and live world music.   photographer Weidong Yang

Feb 27-28

Lisa Fagan and Alison WilliamsNew works featuring contemporary dance, animated objects and an examination of how earthquakes and dubstep are connected.  Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

March 1 and 2

Malinda LaVelle's Project Thrust presents "Kingdom"


Company website: HERE  •  YouTube videos:  HERE

Photographer: Rob Kunkle, goodlux photography


PUS homepage    Facebook

March 10                                     


A new comedy by Ignacio Zulueta


featuring        Geoff Bangs, Clint Campbell, Kat Kneisel, Jed Parsario, Gino Rose, Steven Westdahl, and Patrick Young

Directed by Scott Horstein

A young outcast turns to a hallucinogenic mix of hip-hop and JRR Tolkien to fuel his fantasies of respect and acceptance in a tiny Northern California town. But will his pipe dreams crash on the rocks of small town reality, big time meth crime, and wildlife gone wild?

About The Playwright:
Ignacio Zulueta writes, lives, and laughs in Oakland. His plays have been published locally, performed throughout the country, and broadcast via KUSF 90.3FM, KPFA 94.1FM, and can be heard on Itunes through WriteClub San Francisco. He’s a member of PlayGround-SF and the Playwright’s Incubator at Asian American Theatre Company, and he’s an Associate Artist at AlterTheater. His recent awards include an Emerging Playwright Award and 2012-13 Fellowship from SF PlayGround, and a Horizon Foundation Grant in support of  THE FELLOWSHIP for the advancement of LGBT issues. Follow him on

March 12

March 22-23 

Aura Fischbeck Dance   presents:
"Have we all melted yet?"

An evening length multi-media dance theater work investigating the myth of American identity and the melting pot theory, created in collaboration with and performed by a diverse group of local dance artists.

Artist website:   HERE

Photo by Lynne Fried


March 27-28

new comedy improv performance

with True Medusa  and Robots to Rebels

March 29-30

Che Ne So is a traveling, Berlin-based, performance-making duo composed by Italian artist, Davide De Lillis, and USAmerican artist Julia Metzger-Traber. Their work draws from physical theater, contemporary dance and performance art, and investigates form in order to pose questions about power and freedom in our contemporary society.

The two are co-founding members of the performance collective ’77 Stolen Fish’

clumsy praying fist, is a whirlwind performance piece that investigates our responses to trauma—as individuals and societies-- by fusing the fantastic, the scientific and the absurd.

Facebook page HERE


Buy Tickets HERE

March 6-April 6 @ 8pm  $10-20  •

April 3-4 

RAW (Resident Artists Workshop)  presents



Up in the Air


Photography: David DeSilva

April 9

April 10-11



Palanza Dance

with guests Daria Kaufman

and Tim Rubel’s Human Shakes


photo by Sam Ardrey

April 12-13

Freeplay Dance Crew with Josh Klipp


reaches inward, searches for, uncovers and exposes our search for human spirituality

This collaboration between Freeplay Dance Crew and Prince On Point (P.O.P., Director Shereen Prince), features personal and collective narratives on spirituality through hip hop, martial arts and contemporary dance.


Re/Genesis is an artistic prayer for reexamination, rediscovery and reclaiming of healing spirituality and a connection between all life.


Josh Klipp

April 14


Sunday @ The Garage. New open mic in SOMA. Music, comedy, spoken-word, solo performance and burlesque. Contact us if you want to perform.



artist website:

April 17-18

Anna and the Annadroids and Project Tremolo

Photo by Lynne Fried

April 19-20

Crosscurrent:  Bianca Brzezinski and Daria Kaufman 

Dancers Daria Kaufman, Bianca Brzezinski, and musician/composer Richard Warp present their own evening of original dance theater, improvisation, and live music. The event features several cross-disciplinary works including the award-winning ARTI ULATE, as well as individual works by Ms. Brzezinski with vocalist Maria Quiles, Ms. Kaufman, and special guest Peiling Kao performing with dancer Rajendra Serber and musician Jordan Glenn.


Artist website HERE    To view video CLICK HERE


April 23-24


new choreography by Jenni Bregman

Photo by Lynne Fried

April 26, 27 and May 3


Created byd directed by


assisted by

Wm. Diedrick Razo

Annalisa Bastiani

as "Mama" Cass Elliotand

Shane Bilowitz on guitar

Facebook page HERE

Video HERE


with Mary Armentrout

April 29, May 6, 13, and 20, 4 Mondays, 6:30 to 10:00 


some thoughts and questions:
performance composition supported by and deconstructed through Feldenkrais practice. exploration of how cross-genre works, works that use bits of more than one kind of media - movement, sound, words, image, recorded, live – work, smashed together with an exploration of the power of site/context to amplify and disrupt. examination of collage as a kind of thinking. where does presence live in all of this? what are the layers of the body and what are the layers of the self? what is the inside and what is the outside? where do the layers of the emotional and the psychological reside? how does artwork talk about the inside and the outside metaphorically while working with the material of humans in space, time, and environment? what’s the point of working in a non-proscenium, non-black box environment? how do you communicate in collage format? what are the things that you can say better in this way?
call 510 289 5188 or email to register.

Cardinalidae Dance

The Trail's Novella

a new site specific work translated for the Garage.


Cardinalidae premiers their first production, The Trail's Novella, an in-theatre preview before Cardinalidae releases The Trail's Novella outdoors this coming September for an 8 week series. Taking the audience hiking through the woods, dancers tell short stories from the perspective of the trail itself from the quiet serenity of the trees to the quirks of the trail's visitors. Audiences will experience art, nature, and breathtaking views of the city on Cardinalidae's one of a kind adventure!


Also featuring The Edge of Desire by Joy Prendergast


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

May 1-2


May 5 @ 1:30-2:30pm  


FREE concert celebrating Bay Area Dance Week

Molissa Fenley and Friends


An afternoon of contemporary dance curated by Molissa Fenley (at right) Featuring works by Mills alumni and visiting New Yorkers: Margaret Cromwell, Molissa Fenley, Diane Frank, Jose Navarrete and Cuauhtemoc Peranda.

Molissa Fenley photo credit: ©Julie Lemberger ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 8-9


Part of RAW

(resident artist workshop)

May 10


RAW, Dan Carbone & Andrew Goldfarb present

i am a Lie that ALWAYS tells the TRUTH
Music, monologues and Emergency Dispatches from THE KINGDOM of NOT
With Guests: Billy Bill Miller, Richard J. Berman & Gray

Check out performers websites:

Tracy Shapiro

Clare O’Kane

Allison Mick

Saturday, May 11       Footloose presents

Bitch & Tell: A real, funny show
Comedy by Tracy Shapiro, Allison Mick, Bob McIntyre, Bruce Yelaska and Clare O’Kane.


With a penchant for all things earnest, raw, and hilarious, your favorite local comedians will be taking you on some speed therapy loosely wound around Moms and jobs. Come early to get coached and coaxed to be onstage and stay late for free cake and champagne.

Tracy Shapiro (left) will host and perform her cheeky songs and be joined onstage by audience and the other comedians. Tracy’s natural wit, charm and timing will win you over. And to guarantee much more laughter will be Allison Mick, Bob McIntyre, Bruce Yelaska and Clare O’Kane.  

May 12 Sunday


Sunday @ The Garage.


New open mic in SOMA. Music, comedy, spoken-word, solo performance and burlesque.

Contact us if you want to perform.


artist website:

 May 15 & 16


punkkiCo presents Other Space, a meditation on the edge of being different.


Also featuring guest artist   Alpo Aaltokoski Company (Finland).


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)      photo by Lynne Fried

May 17-18


Alyce Finwall Dance Theater  presents   Shapeless Crown


Also featuring  guest artists punkkiCo.


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

May 19

Jaara Dance Project presents 4@4, featuring African drumming and dance.


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop) 

photo by Darren Miller

 May 22-24

Nine Shards with choreography by Julia Cost & Katy Felsinger presents

“my five thousand north stars” investigates the idea of home and the choices that shape our paths.


Also featuring Rebecca Gilbert’s After August, featuring live music and video.


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

photo by Lynne Fried

 May 29-30

“Your face, my thane, is as a book where men may read strange matters. To beguile the time, look like the time; bear welcome in your eye, your hand, your tongue: look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't. ”


William Shakespeare

This production uses athletic dance, interactive video, and features a dynamic musical score by well known San Francisco producer ill.gates and Brooklyn based producer Tonikom. Seats are limited so please buy your tickets in advance!

Anna and the Annadroids

present their latest surreal dance theater work



: Anna Sullivan
Dancers: Vivian Aragon, Kristin Damrow, Sophia Formosa, Jackie Goneconti Gibbons, Carlyn Pitterle, Ildiko Polony, Anna Sullivan
Music: ill.gates, Tonikom
Video: Brent Haley, Adam Parmalee

promo video link:


Part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

    National Queer Arts Festival

June 2013

Festival website HERE

May 31, June 1, 5-6



Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.


Bay Area performance artist, poet, dancer, actor and activist Dazié Rustin Grego returns to the stage to offer audiences I AM A MAN, an exploration of gender expectations and masculinity.


This new original work is Grego's protest response to the recent slaying of Jorge Steven Mercado, a Puerto Rican teenager whose killer solicited him for sex, believing him to be a female. I AM A MAN takes a unique look at masculinity from a gay male perspective.


Photo by Lynne Fried

June 2-3

Transparent Trap with Dynasty Handbag

Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.
Dynasty Handbag returns to her old stomping grounds to bring you the San Francisco premier of video work Eternal Quadrangle and new live performance work, including Control Top, a mutilated reworking and vast extended remix of the 80‘s Janet Jackson classic that involves a car accident and a rigorous human piano solo. In Eternal Quadrangle Dynasty Handbag finds herself on a dating game show where she must choose between 4 contestants vying for a spot in her vast cosmic emptiness. The bachelors are: an aggressively ambitious professional golfer, a hard-luck stray dog, a disembodied brain, and, of course, the grim reaper himself. All have attractive qualities and perhaps sustainable methodologies for dealing with life, but must she choose just one? And why are these her only choices?

June 7-8


Dancing to the Radio

Meliza Bañales, Curator


A person has to admit they’ve hit bottom when they search for life’s meanings in today’s shitty pop songs. But that’s exactly what we’ve asked ten Queer artists to do! There’s always that one song on the radio that seems to say exactly how we’re feeling, no matter the guilty pleasure that it is. It’s time to come out of the closet and admit it! Join us as these leading Queer voices explore the deeper side to Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, Guns n’ Roses, Missy Elliot and all the Top 40 you can handle as we attempt to get through life, one pop song at a time. There will be radio crystal ball readings! Candy fortunes with your favorite lyrics! And of course, the radio! Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.


Lynnee Breedlove
Gina de Vries
Tina D'Elia
Evan Emerson
Justin Emerson
Prado Gomez
Nic Alea
Zari Le'on
Cindy Emch

Meliza Bañales is the author of Say It With Your Whole Mouth and the forthcoming Life Is Wonderful, People Are Terrific. Her film, Getting Off, with J. Aguilar won the Jury Award at the LA Transgender Film Festival in 2011 and she has a spoken-word album coming out on Crunks Not Dead Records.

June 12-13

National Queer Arts Festival presents Still Here

Still Here brings together artists raised in San Francisco during the 1980s and 1990s with the AIDS epidemic as a backdrop to their childhoods. This evening of performance addresses what it’s like to come out, to negotiate self-identity, family, loss, and love in a “gay mecca."

Featuring Tina Bartolome, James Q. Chan, Cara Rose DeFabio, Gina de Vries, Cristina Mitra, Danny Robles, Bryant Tan, Tonilyn, Amanda Vigil, Natalia Vigil.

June 14-15 @ 8pm & June 16 @ 2pm


Bitter Queen, a movement installation

Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance

Directed by Joe Landini, Assistant Director  Donna Moore

Featuring  Becky Robinson-Leviton, Elizabeth Cooper, Rachael Elliott, Kaitlin Parks, Marie Walburg Plouviez, S Angelo Acevedo

Bitter Queen is a new physical theatre work that walks the borders between contemporary dance, inter-mediated performance and installation. The viewer is immersed into a debauched cocktail party circa 1969 that quickly dissolves into byzantine labyrinth of performance that challenges the relationship between viewer and performer and the line between queer and “What the the hell is going on?”

Joe Landini is the founder of The Garage and the non-profit presenting organization, SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts (Saving Art From Extinction). He has presented his work in Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach, Marin, Monterey, Santa Fe NM, Mexico City and London UK. He received his BA in choreography at UC Irvine and his MA in choreography at the Laban Centre. In 2012 he received the GOLDIE award for dance presentation from the SF Bay Guardian.


Photo by Lynne Fried

June 16


DANCE:  Stranger Lover Dreamer   / SHAUNNA VELLA

Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.

This evening of dance by Shaunna Vella, Rogelio Lopez, Elizebeth Randall and Andrew Merrell exposes the complex layers of identity, gender expression, and vulnerability through risk taking physicality and emotional subjectivity. We are seeking our truths as lovers, friends, strangers, soulmates, enemies, scene stealers and exhausted, relentless moving bodies. We will unravel through isolation, relationship, and community as we find realities and dreams that rarely hit the surface. We say yes to everything.

JUNE 16 – Kat Marie Yoas (spoken-word)


Father's Day 2013.
Kat Marie Yoas.
A piano.
A therapist's couch.
You and yours.

Honey, we ain't gonna get to the light if we don't dance through the dark.

Sit on down, get comfortable with discomfort and just let the magic happen. This father's day, kat wants to go home and she also wants to bring down the house and she wants to burn that mother fucker down.

Girl is having needs. We all are.

Let's share the load and spark a match and see where this leads...

DADDY ISSUES: A THERAPY CABARET is a journey through grief, loss, fatherhood and daughterhood.

Come with Kat Marie, her flashlight, her stories, her humor and songs and her daddy issues and find your way to yourself.

June 17-18 @ 8pm    Buy Tickets  HERE

National Queer Arts Festival presents

GUAVA: Performing Queer African Truths


GUAVA is a multi-media performance piece that addresses queer African sexuality and how immigration and geographic location impact it. GUAVA documents stories that are often ignored and marginalized and utilizes art to share those stories as well as engage in conversations about queer African sexuality. GUAVA will debut at the National Queer Arts Festival and then be performed in Nigeria and South Africa in partnership with LGBTQ African organizations. The performance will be accompanied by a community discussion that engages the political issues raised in the performance. The intention of GUAVA is for queer Africans to share our own stories in our own words.


More info HERE

Website HERE

June 20 @ 8pm $10-20 • Buy Tickets HERE
DANCE:  Stranger Lover Dreamer   / SHAUNNA VELLA

Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.

JUNE 20 – Erik Wagner (contemporary dance)

This evening of dance by Shaunna Vella, Rogelio Lopez, Elizebeth Randall and Andrew Merrell exposes the complex layers of identity, gender expression, and vulnerability through risk taking physicality and emotional subjectivity. We are seeking our truths as lovers, friends, strangers, soulmates, enemies, scene stealers and exhausted, relentless moving bodies. We will unravel through isolation, relationship, and community as we find realities and dreams that rarely hit the surface. We say yes to everything.

Erik Wagner (guest artist) is an independent choreographer who studied dance at San Francisco Ballet, and later danced as a member of the company for six years. He and Daiane Lopes da Silva recently presented their new work, In A Room Full Of Strangers at The Garage, and tonight Erik will perform an excerpt from the piece. He is presently teaching ballet at Lines Ballet, ODC, and Stanford University.

June 21-22 @ 8pm   $15 Buy Tickets   HERE

Love, Humiliation & Karaoke by Enzo Lombard

Directed by W. Kamau Bell. Enzo really does not want to end up cut into little pieces and deposited on the side of the highway. Yet he’s risking just that by driving 600 miles to meet SanDiegoDavid, a complete stranger he met online. Enzo’s not looking for love, he’s just way behind on an assignment for his Berkeley psychic class. Even though “David” could very well be a serial murderer, to Enzo he’s still safe. Safe because David is a non-contender for dating, having three out of five of Enzo's rigid non-negotiables. To be safer still, Enzo’s meeting him at a Del Taco parking lot. But when he arrives at their meeting place, the guy’s car is left parked across the entryway making it impossible for anyone to get in or out. David’s psycho potential has just gone through the roof. Who does that? What has Enzo gotten himself into? This is humiliating, and even worse, TOTALLY UN-PSYCHIC.

Jun 23


Sunday @ The Garage


the Open Mic series


Featuring improv, spoken word, burlesque, singing, and a magic show!


Delicious food by DEELISH!! Caribbean Catering will be available for purchase.


We'll start the party earlier this month, at 7 pm, with the improv troupe the Drop-Ins. We'll then continue with our usual open mic at 8 pm, followed by our headliner, the improv troupe Group Hug, at about 9:15 pm.

Drop-Ins (at 7 pm)

8 pm open mic featuring:
Alejandra Delight (pictured)
Suzil Von Schtupt (pictured)
Gene Hamm
Alec White
Andrew Goldmeier
Molly Gazay (pictured)
The Mysterium
Nico Holly Peck
Kiss the Prius (pictured)

Group Hug (at about 9:15 pm)

June 26-27


Crackpot Crones Inc. Presents

HICK: A Love Story

Written by Terry Baum and Pat Bond.

Performed by Terry Baum.

Directed by Bobbi Ausubel.

Part of The Garage AIRspace residency program for queer performance.

Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife, wrote 2336 letters to Lorena Hickok. Their correspondence began in 1933 when they fell in love and only ended with ER’s death in 1962. This story was uncovered in 1978, when biographer Doris Faber opened 18 boxes willed to the FDR Library by Lorena Hickok. These letters make clear that Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok had had a passionate lesbian relationship. Hick was a famous journalist when she met ER. But as time went on, she subordinated her career and even her happiness to this relationship. Meanwhile, Eleanor, radical and outspoken, became a force for good – with less and less time for Hick.


Pioneer lesbian playwright Terry Baum, in a play by herself and Pat Bond, brings Hick to life as Hick struggles to love and support the greatest American woman of the 20th century.


Website HERE

June 28-29


SoShe's Performance Collective


This June SoShe’s is back in full force with a new collage of work centered on health, humor, and feminism.

Kerri Myers will revisit her satirical expose on pills, Nicole Phillips will play Kale Mary, and explore The Great Green Super Powers through song, dance, and dialogue, Alison Yoder will whisk you away to another place and time with her homage to the greatest dance movie ever -- Dirty Dancing, and Brianna Taylor will explore dimensions of the triumphs and tragedies of the modern woman.

Along with works by other local artists, SoShe's is eager to inspire, share, and reconnect with our beloved community -- so be sure to reserve a seat!


facebook page HERE


Coming Out Muslim is both funny and poignant

Jul 9

Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love


captures stories and experiences of being at the intersections of Islam and queerness and its relationship to family, lovers, one’s sense of self and relationship with our faith.


Terna Tilley-Gyado and Wazina Zondon utilize traditional storytelling and conversation as the medium for exploring the broad range of their experiences as queer Muslims. The stories Coming Out Muslim tell range from tales about other people’s theories about where queerness comes from, the gifts of being queer and Muslim, the tension between one’s culture and religion, and love—romantic and spiritual.


Website: HERE

Video: HERE

Jul 10-11

July 12-13

Unum Dance

presents new choreography by Diana Broker


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

photo by lynne fried

July 14 @ 7pm  •   Please RSVP! 50 people is Standing room at the Garage.
Email, or leave message at 415-585-1221. By donation ($10 suggested)

2nd Sundays @ 7: NEW Playreading--and Bastille/Anniversary Party!


AND THEN GALATEA LAUGHED: a New play by Scott Carter Cooper.
It's 1914: in less than 24 hours, "Pygmalion" premieres at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. G.B. "Joey" Shaw, Herbert Beerbohm Tree and Mrs. Patrick Campbell have a rousing tète â tète interrupted by Shakespearean curses, a duel, and Shaw's wife. We know what came after, but just what came before?

Post-reading feedback encouraged.

Paul Jennings as Tree
Scott Baker as Shaw
Valerie Fachman as 'Stella' Campbell
Annalisa Bastiani as Charlotte Payne-Townshend
It's also the Official 19th Anniversary
of the Baker-Fachman bondage-- I mean ♥ WEDDING!!!! ♥ Time to Storm Le Bastille! Come prepared for wine and French things (including kisses, and bad accents :)


Art: Blood of a Poet, film by Jean Cocteau

July 17-18 @ 8pm  $10-20  Buy tickets HERE

RAW (resident artist workshop) presents

Bahiya Movement


+ Bianca Mendoza


+ Becky Bearse-Esqueda

Founder and Choreographer, B-Boogie Dance

July 19 @ 7PM  •  Note: The party starts at Mission Bowling Club on 17th street in the Mission.


Celebrate Joe's birthday

7:00pm until



More info



Mission Bowling Club HERE


Darling Nikki


Come for an intimate reception to celebrate Joe's birthday at Mission Bowl at 7:00. Raise a toast and write a check to SAFEhouse. Then, for the more adventurous, at 8:00 pm we'll continue the celebration at Darling Nikki, a monthly queer benefit party, where we'll dance our asses off until two in the morning.

Mission Bowling Club is located just across the street from ODC, on 17th street in the Mission.

July 19-20 @ 8PM  •    Tickets $10-20 at or 800-838-3006

Footloose presents


Bitch & Tell:

A real funny variety show

Written and performed by Tracy Shapiro, David Gborie, Carolé Acuña, Allison Mick, Mary-Alice McNab, Carl and Beatrice, Bruce Yelaska and Harmonica Trio.


FRIDAY JULY 19: Tracy Shapiro with guests David Gborie, Mary-Alice McNab, Carl and Beatrice, and Harmonica Trio.

SATURDAY JULY 20: Tracy Shapiro with guests David Gborie, Allison Mick, Bruce Yelaska, Carl and Beatrice, and Carolé Acuña.

Footloose Director/Producer, Mary Alice Fry, is on a roll attracting comedic talent who can get to the heart of what makes us laugh without being gross, moronic, and pandering. Fry first opened and sold out Bitch and Tell in May at The Garage. She has hit a nerve with audiences who are asking for more variety in the standard comedy format. So each month there will be a fresh show with returning guests and new faces doing stand up, music, physical comedy, improvisation and audience interactive experiments.


Tracy Shapiro, musician/comedian is singlehandedly responsible for the emergence of the groundbreaking and boundary pushing Elevator RiotGal movement. Tracy's courtship of music and comedy breeds stream of consciousness with rap ballads, cheeky punk and not-so-ladylike confessionals.

photo by lynne fried


David Gborie

Carolé Acuña

Allison Mick

Mary-Alice McNab

Carl and Beatrice

Bruce Yelaska


Limited general seating - Advance purchase recommended!

July 23, 2013

A Reading/Performance of the new solo play
THE BOOT written and performed by

Margery Kreitman
with direction and dramaturgy by Jayne Wenger


Margery Kreitman is an award winning playwright who will have you laughing about how to go from "We to I" in her solo play, The Boot. In this dark comedy, Margery plays multiple characters telling the story about the breakup of a long term relationship. Loss, grief and betrayal are portrayed in a soul-searching yet humorous way. And in the end, she reclaims her single identity as a lesbian of a certain age.

We invite you to the reading and if you so desire, please stay afterwards for an informal discussion with the playwright to share your thoughts, impressions and questions. Get in on the ground level of how a theater piece goes from page to stage in all its revisions and re-visionings. Be part of the fun witnessing and giving feedback to Margery as she creates a brand new play. Thank you for supporting live performance.

Jul 24

is an improvised deconstruction of TOCAME!
the interactive performance
directed by Karl Frost with performer/collaborators
Kevin Dockery, Jordan Stout, Jote Mahern, Utam Moses,
Megan Lowe, Daniel Larlham, Nitipat Ong Polchai

and Natalia Carballo

Come watch some beautiful movers and smart human beings processing human touch and physical contact.

With Tocame! as a shared reference for an open improvisation, the performers alternately adhere to, bend and break the structure as they react to, explore, and challenge the material of the piece. The performers are on their own, improvising with live interest and engagement.

As the audience moves to their seats, they are presented with a collage of vignettes exploring modes and notions of touch, contact, and connection. Contrasting territories of the senses, kinetics, emotion, memory, pleasure, provocation, and the body are distilled into a series of micro-investigations. Intimate and public personas are blurred.

There is much to watch, but there are also opportunities for physical interaction for the physically curious and those who like to watch with their bodies. The piece ends with a blur into an informal frame of conviviality. Please stay afterwards if you are so moved.

July 25 @ 7-9 PM    •    fund raising Gala

Back Alley Theater's fund raising Gala for our Fall Production of Forbidden Fruit

at the Garage

This evening will be a celebratory gathering of Back Alley Theater supporters to help us reach our goal of $5000 for necessary expenses to produce the west coast premiere of Forbidden Fruit!

Please come by and toast with us to help us achieve our financial goal while enjoying performances from Forbidden Fruit, as well as an art installment from Back Alley's Renato Robles.

Please visit Here for more information about the Gala, the upcoming show, and Back Alley Theater Company.

Jul 26 @ 8:00 PM   Buy Tickets HERE

Larissa & Friends

Musical Story Time


8pm-8:40pm only



Larissa Louise

Michael DiComo

Tommy Lafferty

Greg Dunn.


Performance will begin exactly

at 8pm and finish at 8:40pm


This performance is part of a series of fringe-style performances at the Garage July 26-28. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes and will begin on time.

July 26 at 9 PM    Buy Tickets HERE  



Kat Marie Yoas



That's right, I'm bringin' it back for one special night only!!!! If you have been kicking yourself for a year because you missed it last time, now is your chance to put on some arnica and heal because you can see it now! Or, come again, and again and again because it's happenin' and you are invited.

Welcome to word party! Kat Marie Yoas, the creator and host of WORD PARTY! invites you and yours to celebrate femininity, childhood, escapes, insecurities, mistakes, shame, small victories, and yes, words, in a show where neurosis, manic outburts and fear are also on the guest list.

Well, either Kat Marie invited them or, like at any good party, they crashed. Kat Marie looks at the world through rose colored glasses influenced by potentially rose-fueled inhibition and this party is her ode to the moments, memories and parts of ourselves we often would prefer invisible ourselves or the parts of ourselves that are uninvited by others.

Through Word Party, she is healing herself, bringing loud, zany attention to things in life that have felt unheard, unseen, uncounted, unnoticed. The star of word party is Kat and isn’t her. Kat Marie is performing anxiety; she’s performing desire to feel like experience matters, that our experiences matter.


In a world where we don’t get invited to create or express ourselves too readily Kat is making a space where she's indulging and encouraging the raising of our freak flags. She is declaring war and, ultimately, victory over buttoned up sadness, over failure, over the cage of words and names that are built over the course of our precious lives. Kat Marie Yoas is throwing a party to celebrate the pain, magic, mania and absurdity of the power of words.

Kat Marie Yoas is a writer, performer, improviser, entertainer and singer living and loving in San Francisco. She has mined her stories from her strange hometown in Michigan to Steel Magnolias to her working class roots to her workplace, the last remaining lesbian bar in the city.

This performance is part of a series of fringe-style performances at the Garage July 26-28. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes and will begin on time.
July 27 @ 7pm   $10   Buy Tickets HERE






African dance and drumming


part of RAW (resident artist workshop).


This performance is part of a series of fringe-style performances at the Garage July 26-28. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes and will begin on time.



Afrique Sogue Percussion and Dance is a traditional West African performing arts company based in the Bay Area, California. Afrique Sogue (so-gee), meaning, African Sun, celebrates the dance and musical culture of the Manding and the Mandinka people, those descendants of the great pre-colonial empire of what is now considered Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso. Afrique Sogue proclaims the diversity and unity of these regions, through performance art and arts education. Afrique Sogue engages audiences and participants in cross-cultural dialogue, collaboration, and innovation through live entertainment, education, and professional artistic services. Afrique Sogue also collaborates with select apprentices, and traditional artists of the Continental African diaspora.
July 27th at 8pm   $10-20  Buy tickets HERE

Kiss the Prius

New Improv Group

This performance is part of a series of fringe-style performances at the Garage July 26-28. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes and will begin on time.

July 27th at 9pm  •  18+   •  $10-20  Buy tickets HERE

Vixen Noir


Please welcome to the stage, The Love Child of Grace Jones and Madonna, Vixen “mothafuckin” Noir! Sit back and get ready as this SupaStar-on-the-Rise courts you with her sexy, edgy, provocative display of poetry, burlesque and her soulful singing voice that gets under your skin, and into your blood. Prepare to be aroused, uplifted, shaken and stirred; body, mind, spirit and soul. And for the grand finale? Vixen delivers her debut single, Dangerous which (at press time) held the #3 spot on Reverbnation’s San Francisco EDM chart.




Photo by


This performance is part of a series of fringe-style performances at the Garage July 26-28. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes and will begin on time.

July 28 @ 8PM  $10    •    Buy Tickets HERE    •   or see FREE offer below


Sunday @ The Garage is a new monthly variety show that showcases emerging artists from across the genre spectrum. This month, S@G artists will dazzle with film, comedy, music, spoken word, performance art and magic!

Jeremiah Bayani will kick off the night at 7:45 with a Film Screening of "The Lonesome" (above). If you come in time for his film you get in for the whole night FREE! (After that it's $10 at the door.) For more information about his film, check out this Facebook event

After the film, the following artists will present work:

Andrew Goldmeier
Molly Gazay
The Mysterium

Sam Kehl

Karen Penley
Zach Goldberg

Eileen Torrez
Andrew Adams

Our headliner, the Drop-Ins, led by Daniel Woo, will finish off the night starting at about 9:15 pm.

Delicious food by DEELISH!! Caribbean Catering will be

available for purchase!

Save the date for the next S@G: Sunday, August 25th. If you're interested in performing shoot us a line

through our Facebook page or Elizabeth Cooper

July 30


What does it mean to grow up in San Francisco, to come out, to negotiate home, self, identity, family, loss, and love in a city widely perceived as a gay mecca?

Back by popular demand, Still Here presents new work by artists raised in San Francisco during the 80s and 90s and still living in the Bay Area that delves into these never-explored questions. With the AIDS crisis in the backdrop of their childhoods, they came of age during a period of both great visibility and simultaneous loss for what would become their queer community. With varied backgrounds in dance, writing, performance, and video, Still Here reveals hidden, but crucial voices.

Still Here is co-sponsored and funded in part by Galeria de la Raza and the Queer Cultural Center.

July 31-Aug 1


A dance improvisational theater workshop

Led by Bianca Brzezinski,

Artistic Director of Opal Street DIT

Featuring new choreography by
Kristin Damrow, Project Tremolo and Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theatre


Beginning July 1, Every Monday for five weeks, culminating in a performance on July 31st/August 1st at 8 p.m. with a 4 p.m. dress rehearsal

• To engage in a practice of meditative, trance improvisation, exploring subtle and indulgent movement and thoughts and feelings to a deeper level through our bodies access to play, imagination and personal history. 
• Tuning in to a deeper level of consciousness, we will  gain a stronger awareness of ourselves and our surroundings in a playful and meaningful way.
• Following the workshop, we will perform for the community to express personal movement stories through dance improvisational theater.  


Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater/Roots Int.l Academy


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Aug 2-3


The Garage presents



Curated by Samantha Giron


Contemporary choreographers set work to pop music, featuring Pearl Marill, Anna & the Annadroids, Blind Tiger Society, Samantha Giron Dance Project, Sara Du Jour.


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Aug 7-8

The Garage presents


Blind Tiger Society


featuring new choreography Bianca Cabrera


part of RAW (resident artist workshop).


Website HERE


facebook HERE


twitter HERE

Aug 9-10


RAW and Printz Dance Project present:


Couch Stories


photo by Jeff Zender  of  PDP Dancer Jenni Bregman


part of RAW (resident artist workshop).


Website HERE

facebook HERE

An informal, intimate showing of material that will get folded into PDP's forthcoming evening-length work, "Soul+Mates" to premiere at Z Space December 4th-8th.  This is a work-in-progress lab affording PDP an opportunity to work in an up-close, personal setting - giving both the dancers and guests a chance to engage with the work in an unprocessed capacity

Aug 11


2nd Sundays @ 7 New Play Reading


The Carmine Lie

by Claire Rice

For our August staged reading, Performers Under Stress is proud to showcase this exciting work by prolific local theatre artist and playwright Claire Rice.

Diane, her husband and her mother wait for Diane’s runaway sister to finally come home. In the midst of changes that could force Diane to grow up and stop waiting, Molly walks into the back yard. A runaway herself, Molly moves in, and Diane lets her fill in for the lost sister and lost life Diane never really had. But the fit is a little off.



Come watch the drama unfold! Talk back after the show with director Neil Higgins, and possible special appearance by Ms. Rice.

Aug 14-18 @ ODC Theater, 3153 Seventeenth Street 

ODC Theater, 3153 Seventeenth Street, San Francisco


SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts, a non-profit organization working to incubate new performing artists through residencies, workshops, and performance opportunities, is proud to announce its sixth annual Summer Performance Festival, SPF6, featuring eight emerging dance artists. SPF6 runs from Wednesday, August 14 to Sunday, August 18, 2013 at ODC Theater in San Francisco.


The eight dance artists hand-picked for SPF6 by SAFEhouse founder Joe Landini are: BodiGram, Jenni Bregman & Dancers, Aura Fischbeck Dance, Gretchen Garnett & Dancers, Angela Mazziotta, The Milissa Payne Project, Nine Shards, and Vinnicombe/Winkler.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 16, 17 and 18, 2013 at 8 pm  • Discount Tickets $10   Buy HERE Enter password/Discount Code: Flying Dreams. Limit two per customer. Extra tickets at $15-20. General Admission: $15-20 cash/check only at box office or 800-838-3006  Info/Res: 415-289-2000;

Footloose Presents


Flying Dreams


A Vaudevillian Tragicomedy


Written and performed by Aaron Jessup


Footloose continues its new monthly series at The Garage with the San Francisco premiere of Aaron Jessup's solo production, Flying Dreams, which just closed a successful run at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, where the Producer, Dixie Lee Mills, exclaimed, “People can’t stop raving about this show!” Other positive audience responses include: “Everything theater should be: funny, poignant and virtuosic.” “Fantastically entertaining!” “Heart, smarts and skills.”


Flying Dreams draws from Aaron Jessup's personal experiences as a second-generation street performer. Aaron weaves an emotionally complex coming-of-age story in this time-traveling European adventure that goes from hilarious to heartbreaking and back again. Theater, circus and juggling fill the show with entertaining humor and touching personal vignettes.


Aaron Jessup went from shy San Francisco teenage juggler to performing in 12 countries on three continents and winning top honors at international busking competitions.


photo by Cliff Warner


facebook HERE


Footloose facebook HERE

Aug 21-22 @ 8pm    $10-$20   Buy tickets HERE

The Garage presents


new choreography


by Chin-chin Hsu, Marina Fukushima, Daiane Lopes da Silva and visual artist Olivia Ting


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Aug 23-24 @ 8pm    $10-$20   Buy tickets HERE

Amelia Eisen presents




with Jenna Wozer, Rachael Elliot, Amelia Eisen, Sarah Wenzel, Alex Jenkins and Alicia Pugh


photographer Nick Korkos


part of RAW (resident artist workshop).

Aug 28-29 @ 8pm    $10-$20    Buy tickets HERE

The Garage presents

new choreography

by Joy Prendergast (at right), Victor Talledos, Laura Bernasconi and Rachael Elliott


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Wednesday and Thursday September 4 and 5 @ 8 pm  • Advance Tickets $10-20 Buy Tickets HERE or 800-838-3006   •   Info/Res: 415-289-2000

Footloose presents


In Between Pretty


Footloose continues its monthly series at The Garage with In Between Pretty, contemporary dance and multimedia performances by eight choreographers. Young, fresh faces in the Bay Area dance scene come together to present an evening of original solos, duets and trios--two with video imagery, all with a personal and intimate focus.

Rosemary Hannon
Katie Griffin
Nitipat "Ong" Pholchai
Melanie Cutchon
Megan Lowe
Natalie Marsh
Rosa Navarrete
Virginia Broyles


photo by Marisa Aragon

Aug 28-29 @ 8pm    $10-$20    Buy tickets HERE

The Garage presents

new choreography

by Joy Prendergast (at right), Victor Talledos, Laura Bernasconi and Rachael Elliott


part of RAW (resident artist workshop)

Resident Artist Workshop: Victor Talledos, Joy Prendergast, Rachel Elliot
A couple of years ago, Mexican-born and trained ballet dancer Victor Talledos landed in the Bay Area like a comet — fiery, fierce, and impossible to ignore. Joy Prendergast is part of a hotbed of budding women choreographers nourished by the SF Conservatory of Dance. Rachel Elliot, a recent graduate of the Dominican University/LINES Ballet program, spent her study abroad time traveling and watching dance in China. This trio of artists is the latest crop of choreographers showing work in progress they have developed at the Garage's all essential RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) studio space — 12 weeks of four to six hours free rehearsal time with two scheduled performances." Small is beautiful" was a mantra in the 1970s. It's still valid. A little bit of support, consistently offered, can create wonders. (Rita Felciano) Bay Guardian
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